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Once upon a time,

I was on the fast track to being

a top criminal defense attorney in New York City.  

Then a bunch of bad/ sad things happened in my life,

and because I didn’t know how to process them,

I got sick.  


At least that is the story I told myself for a long time.  


To be completely honest,

I spent too many years of my life being scared and stuck

in old stories that kept me small.  

Up until 

I learned to hack my neurochemistry

and delete the traumas once and for all.  


I no longer get derailed by my fears and emotions 

because I have the tools at my disposal to reign in my subconscious

and stop sabotaging myself.  


I have built a business teaching other amazing humans

with important work to do here and now

to do the same.  

I believe it is my life’s mission

to help eradicate victim mentality from this planet

and support others in taking responsibility for themself and the world.

It would be my honor and privilege to support you

as you alchemize your own wounds

and step into the person you were born to be.

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Tropical Leaves

Allison has amazing abilities. 

I was wishing

for a job in the public sector,

and guess what - I got a job

that I am in love with!  

I'm so grateful to have had

those sessions with her that 

clarified my goals, 

identified and cleared my blocks,

and brought me closer

to my dreams!

-- Sara M., Psychologist

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